Eating Disorders

All eating disorders (Anorexia, Bulimia, and Binge Eating Disorder) are different and yet they have similarities. 

At Healing Meadows, we help you understand how your relationship with the eating disorder became a part of your life.  Awareness of how disordered eating become a means of coping with the stresses of life is instrumental to helping you to make the necessary long-term changes. 

We have an eclectic approach to treating eating disorders.  We teach specific skills needed to cope with the behaviors that are causing potential damage and problems. The use of the skills from Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) are an important part of learning to self-soothe, regulate emotions, and tolerate the distressing feelings of the eating disorder cycle.  Additionally, we focus on the development of a sense of self through exploring what it means to be who you truly are. This includes developing self-esteem and confidence, learning to make decisions and feel good about them, and understanding how to develop real and emotionally intimate relationships and letting go of fear, shame, and guilt.

Also, please note that treating an eating disorder requires a team approach.  First, it is important to work with a physician to address any medical issues associated with the disorder.  Next, a registered dietitian who specializes in eating disorders is another key to success. A caring team of professionals can work together to address all aspects of treatment.  We will work with you to find professionals to address these needs.  At times, more intensive treatment may be needed than outpatient therapy.  If this is necessary, we will work with you to find a program that will fit your need

We believe that every person can transcend pain and trauma and learn how to live healthier lives.

Compulsive Overeating/ Eating Disorder

It’s January 1 and time to start again. My goal this year is to lose 30 pounds! It’s Sunday evening. and I am feeling stuffed, bloated, and heavy! Since tomorrow is Monday, I will start my new diet then! — But Monday’s keep happening!

I’ve battled with food all my life. I have never been at a normal weight. I have either starved myself or eaten everything in my kitchen all in one sitting. I have been on every diet there is, and I am always 10 pounds from what I think I should weigh, and BAM, I blow it all once again.

At Healing Meadows By the Sea, we understand the binge eating cycle very well. We know there is a root cause for it, and we strive to work at the level of that root cause. We know that it is there that your relationship with food runs “deep and wide.”

Breaking free from the cycle of binge eating or compulsively overeating takes time and requires a lot of self-love and self-acceptance. The process starts with reaching out. At Healing Meadows By the Sea, we help you take control of your binge eating behavior and help you change your basic relationship with food.