Sex & Porn Addiction

If you are struggling with sex or pornography addiction, that problem can be devastating.

It can lead you down paths that you never thought you would go. It may be destroying your relationships and tearing your family apart. It could be affecting your work and the ability to function in your daily routine activities. Dr. Meadows has been working with sexual addiction for years to help individuals heal from the secrecy, shame, and betrayal of having a sexual addiction.

The research indicates that sex is as addictive as drugs, alcohol, food, and gambling. A person who is addicted to sex is habitually chasing the high experience during pursuit, arousal, and orgasm despite the negative outcomes of shame, secrecy, emptiness, and isolation. Although these patterns may vary from person to person, someone who becomes addicted to sex typically struggles with such behaviors as:

  • Compulsive masturbation
  • Pornography
  • Anonymous Sex
  • Soliciting Prostitutes and
  • Escorts
  • Erotic Massage
  • Voyeurism/Exhibitionism
  • Affairs

Dr. Meadows specializes in healing sex addiction and works with patients to develop a plan of recovery and achieving it .