Pandemic Trauma

In late 2020 the world as we knew it came to a brutal halt. We had to quarantine and every night on the news, the death toll rose to numbers that were obscure. Many of us lost our jobs and our sense of security. All of us had to live in tight spaces alone. We even had to limit interactions with friends and family. Extroverts were told that they could not socialize and had to stay home and only leave for the bare necessities. Introverts were forced to isolate beyond what is reasonable causing their internal worlds to crumble. We are now seeing the world awaken from this pandemic and with this comes an opportunity for great healing. Fear about what will or will not happen as the world wakes up is true. When I go back to work, what will I talk about? Can I talk about how hard this last year has been and how COVID destroyed my life? If I do talk about it, what will happen to me? Will I lose my job again? Do I have to pretend like it never happened and go back to work with staff who are just going to pretend like it never happened

Covid-19 Pandemic has had a great impact on religion and society as a whole. Worship services, Sunday schools, pilgrimages, ceremonies, synagogues, mosques, and temples were shut down and their beliefs challenged during this time. People were forced to live stream amidst this Pandemic. We were going through a time where politics and beliefs were pushed to their limits and breaking points. Is the vaccine safe? Is this vaccine against my religion? The vaccine struck many religious followers and began a Science vs Politics debate. To this day we deal with the repercussions of our decisions we made and have to live with the outcome. Humanity as a whole has been shaken to its core.

The trauma this pandemic has caused is deep. To be free from it, means talking about it and working through the daily stressors that stem from having been traumatized. The scars of this pandemic will always exist and as healing professionals, we are here to help you through this.

it is necessary to look at the past, learn from it, and move into the future with a healthier belief system.

Complex Trauma

Complex trauma is usually interpersonal, occurs between people and involves the feelings of being trapped, helpless, and hopeless. It is very extreme, ongoing, and repeated over long/short periods of time. It is severe and persistent with cumulative impacts and involves challenges with shame, trust, self-esteem, identity and regulating emotions.

Coping with this time of trauma may have led you down a path of using alcohol, drugs, or food. You may eat too much or not enough as a result. You may overwork or find yourself busy all the time as a way to cope. Complex trauma affects your emotional and physical health, wellbeing, relationships and daily functioning. We can help you work through complex trauma using evidenced based treatment.